growth is hard

Upon hearing about my new blog, my wonderful friend Julie sent me this awesome post from Jessblog entitled “Why Startup Founders are Always Unhappy.” It’s a very insightful article and I found the main theme to be about growth. Jess explains that even though you may be far better off from where you started, it may not feel that much better because at that certain point in time, the rate of growth has decelerated from the past pace. In Jess’ case it was the growth of her startup company, but this idea is applicable to almost any situation.

I love the advice she gives, too. So if you are feeling in a slump or uninspired, try to keep her tips in mind:

1. remember where you came from – and celebrate how far you have come from that point
2. great people are your glue – in this case she’s talking about co-workers, but I think friends & family make good glue too
3. don’t let your self-worth be completely defined by your startup whatever it is that you’re feeling discouraged about – it’s only a small part of what makes you who you are
4. get out there and talk to other entrepreneurs people who may be experiencing something similar – it may shift your perspective on your own situation

Growth is hard, especially if you have high expectations on yourself or if you aren’t forgiving with yourself. Cut yourself some slack – we all have to start somewhere and change doesn’t happen overnight.

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